Wood Shedding.

We got back from headling Indie Week in Europe....Manchester was amazing, London was big and rad. The weather was shit, and so was the food, but the

people were ultra cool and the music was fantastic. The UK is, in general, the real deal.


As soon as I caught up on my sleep, I moved all my guitars and 2 small combo amps into my spare room, and started making noise. Alternate tuning a, baritone guitars, slide, heavy tones and clean... All of it. I've been playing more lately than I ever have. At night, the band's been getting together to toss around these new ideas, and we've been learning covers and putting together a new set list.  

I'm pumped on what we have cooking in the kitchen. 


In a few days, we have a show in Calgary for Canada day on Stephen AVe at 7pm. Get at us. 



 Stone Iris in Manchester.  

Stone Iris in Manchester.