Three Days Deep

We are three days into our studio time at the Audio Department, Drums and bass have been finished and El and Garret are well into the guitars. 

On a different note, day three has brought us a fun fact courtesy of Mr El Niven himself, apparently the most fearsome predator in the water, a shark, secretes the same fluid as a certain female body part, this secretion is known as squalene. Thanks El this will prove to be useful knowledge in the future I am sure. 

After a nutritional meal at the local Burger Baron and a quick photo opp its time to retreat back to our guitars and other respected instruments in the warm confines of the studio walls.

Going into day four we are looking forward to start working on more guitars and vocals, and I imagine some of Brians zany antics and sound board sorcery. 

We've got lots more to come ya'll, including but not limited to new fun facts, video clips, maybe even some sound bites. so stay tuned.