The Grande Come Down (El Niven)

In the last few days, we have finished tracking our Have Mercy EP with our producer, Brian Moncarz (Acres Of Lions, Neverending White Lights, Circa Survive, Moneen).  We have obtained our Kickstarter goal to fund our HaveMercyEP, and we've also been selected to be The Jack Daniels Supporting Act!

Working with Brian: What an unreal experience.  Mr. Moncarz flew out to our homecity of Edmonton AB, from the epi-center of the Canadian music world (Toronto) to live where we live, eat what we eat, shoot what we shoot, sleep where we sleep, and most importantly, to produce our HaveMercyEP with us for ten days straight.  

We spent 3 days in our rehearsal space, doing the pre pro thing, ironing things out, and turning down the suck as much as possible on all the tunes we planned on recording. Then we spent the next 7 days tracking the actual EP at The Audio Dept'... We spent about 13 hours a day at work and to be honest, for me its all an amazing blur of, blue grooves, magenta brain lightbulbs igniting from the seratonin and dopamine while happy creative fireworks bounced about in my brain.  We went to some new places, while staying exactly where we were.  Basically, in a nutshell, I couldn't be happier with what we accomplished. Thanks Brian!

On top of that amazing experience, like I said The Kickstarter thing and The Jack Daniel's thing is so big for us.  Now its back to my little bungalow in Winter City, Wild West to harness all this radness, and groom it into something sonic to share with all y'all to make you feel real good.

Thanks for reading what I wrote.
El Niven